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Out of State Title Transfers with or without Registration

What to Expect

Out of state title transfers are slightly different than in state. These transactions do require a bill of sale and we need to see the vehicle being transferred in order to complete a VIN verification as well. Also, just like the in state title transfers, there are a few documents required to complete the transaction. Besides the bill of sale, we require the original title signed by the seller. We also will need the driver’s license of the purchaser as well as proof of insurance on the vehicle being purchased. If there are any errors on the title, an affidavit may be required. This is usually when there are errors on the title. We will complete the necessary forms and process the title transfer. When a plate and registration are needed along with the title transfer, we will handle registering the vehicle as well. We will either order a first time plate or transfer a previously owned plate if one is available in the system. We also deal with situations where the title transfer involves a death, a will, probate, etc. For these situations, please contact us to discuss the details and what is required to move forward.

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